Hywel Griffiths is a geographer, poet and Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University, where he works on a wide variety of research themes. These include studying the rates, patterns and controls of geomorphological processes in rivers and coasts (e.g. in the CHERISH project), river response to environmental change, extending records of flooding and drought using geomorphological and documentary methods and human-environment interactions (particularly societal and cultural perceptions of rivers and flooding). He is also an award-winning published poet. His latest volume of Welsh poetry – Llif Coch Awst (the Red Flood of August, or the ‘Lammas Flood’) – won the poetry category in the Welsh Book of the Year Competition. In recent years he has combined his scientific and literary interests, particularly related to developing new ways of communicating science and working across disciplines to address new geographical problems (see below). During the conference, Hywel will be responding creatively to papers and posters and sharing short poems inspired by science on the conference website and on social media.

Personal website: http://hywelgriffiths.cymru/en/hafan/home/
Twitter: @HywelGriffiths
Instagram: hywelgriffiths1983
Photo © Llenyddiaeth Cymru / Camera Sioned

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Griffiths, H.M., 2018. Three poems on flood histories in rural Ireland. Cultural Geographies, 25(2), pp.369-374.

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